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Welcome to the place where art comes to life.

I'm just an artist and creator with a passion for exploring a variety of mediums, from the rich textures of oil painting to the vibrant flows of alcohol ink. Art is an expression of my innermost desires and emotions, or something like that, I think that's what I'm suppose to say here.


Taking blank canvases and your walls, adorning them with color and thought.

My studio, which currently sits in a room over the garage, brings diverse range of art from my soul to my brain to the canvas. From captivating abstract pieces to stunning home decor to exquisite wall hangings to wearables.


Each creation is crafted with various mediums to bring out the essence of creativity and individuality. Some pieces are completed in one sitting, others begin on one day and may not be touched for a period of time and then they sit again. Till one day they are complete. 

When creating, I don't tend to have a goal in mind where it's about creating what will get "likes" but instead creating to satisfy the light in my soul. Sometimes creating to let go of the anxiety and depression, other times it's creating in a moment of exciting color. Oh the differences each one brings.


In addition to this, we also offer a curated selection of limited prints from some pieces, allowing you to adorn your space with the beauty of art.


Moreover, our collection extends to wearables, home decor, and design, providing you with the opportunity to integrate art into every aspect of your life.

Wether you are investing in a print, a unique art piece, home decor, or a wearable, every piece you invest in supports my main mission of lifting others up through life.


 Join me in this artistic adventure, where creativity attempts to tell its own story.

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